Home Healthcare

Stay in control of your health and health care There are two growing trends in health care: preventive care to keep you healthy and home recovery following a hospitalization, illness or injury. Home Health Care Policies are an affordable solution that pays a cash benefit directly to YOU!

Why a Home Health Care Policy?

  • Like most people, you would rather recuperate at home.
  • Benefits are paid directly to you, in addition to any other coverage you have - including Medicare.
  • Benefits help with costs not covered by your medical insurance, like deductibles and co-pays.
  • Use the money any way you choose.
  • No network restrictions - use the doctor or health care provider of your choice.
  • No medical exam to qualify.
  • Fill the gap in your long-term care policy by receiving care at home during that policy's elimination period.

Having the option and flexibility to receive health care in your own home rather than in a nursing home - plus having cash to use as you see fit, is one of the biggest reasons people want this policy and use the benefits.

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